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How to set up the firewall?

1. Click Start → Settings → Control Panel → Windows Firewall. This is czech words so please you will see in your language.

2. Click on the tab Výjimky (Exceptions).

3. Now click on the button Přidat port… (Add port…)

4. To path Název (Name) write: InterBase SDB 2008 and to pathČíslo portu (Port number) write: 3050 and let it be checked TCP and click on the button Změnit obor… (Change scope).

5. Here let checked path Kterýkoliv počítač (včetně počítačů v Internetu) (Any computer including those on the Internet) and click on the button “OK” (you can also choose only my network or custom list but we recommend this).

6. Again click ont the button “OK”.

7. You will see on the Programs and Sevices checked “InterBase SDB 2008” and to finish click on the button “OK”.

Download this page in PDF

→ If you need any help please feel free to contact us.

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