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How to import data from older versions?

1. In your current service database SDB 2005 click on (Data/Záloha/Data) Data → Bakcups → Data. We use our czech language screenshot so please you will see in your language.

2. Write name of backup file (e.g. zaloha (backup)) – the file was saved as zaloha.sql (backup.sql) and click on the button „Uložit“ (Save).

3. After successfully backup you will see „Data was successfully backup“ so click „OK“.

4. Now run your SDB 2008 and follow these steps click on the Data –> Import –> Servisní databáze 2005.

5. Choose the backup file in our sample is zaloha.sql and click on the button „Otevřít“ (Open). Now automaticly data import to your new SDB 2008.

6. You will see all the data from your previous SDB 2005 and you can start working.

Attention: Please backup also data Contact for contractor / Mediator and Service rules to any text file.

When you want to import data from SDB 2006 or SDB 2007 make it in the same method as SDB 2005. But if you want to import data from the oldest versions like 1.xx/2.xx you must put both of files to one folder: sbase.dat and szbase.dat – very important to import data correctly!!!

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→ If you need any help please feel free to contact us.

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