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How to install SDB 2008 - USBKEY version?

1. Download installation pack unzip file and run installation application: sdb20xx_setup_usbkey.exe

2. After run installation you will see wizard and choose language which you want to use. We use czech language in our manual but you will use english or any other.

3. Click on the button „Next“ in this window.

4. Here you can choose the way where will be software installed – we recognized go on and not change anything – just click „Next“.

5. If you want change the name of software you can change it here anyway continue with button „Next“.

6. If you want have a shortcut on the desktop you can change anyway continue with button „Next“.

7. Finally click ont he button „Install“.

8. For finish to installation please click on the button „Finish“. If you want to run software juch let check box checked „Launch SDB 2008“. Program will run automaticly see next page.

9. Take your USBKEY and put to some of your UBS port (try to put USBKEY everytime to the same USB port because when you put to other USB port you have to install drivers again). You must see the picture below (in your language of course) like New hardware found.

10. It automaticly run wizard where you choose „Ne, nyní ne“ (No, not now) and click on the button „Další“ (Next).

11. Choose „Instalovat ze seznamu či daného umístění (pro zkušené uživatele)“ and click on the button „Další“ (Next)..

12. On this form please click on the button „procházet“ (Browse) and find folder as you can see below and click on the button „Další“ (Next).

13. Click on the button „Pokračovat“ (Continue).

14. To finish this installation click on the button „Dokončit“ (Finish).

15. On the right corner you can see New hardware found – it means that the drivers are correctly installed.

16. You can check if the driver of UBSKEY is installed also in your computer by going to Device manager.

17. After run you will see the last form which you have to fill also (to get next updates for free). If you don’t fill this form you can never use software.

Attention: you have to be connected to internet when you send these data to our server – by clicking to button „Save/send“.

18. If you will see this picture it means that your computer is not connected to the internet. You have to connect to internet and run SBD 2008 and fill form again.

19. By sending filled form you will use your SDB 2008 finally.

Download this page in PDF

→ If you need any help please feel free to contact us

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