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How to share database on more computers?

1. Download InterBase program: InterBase server 2. Install InterBase on the computer which will be connected to the database sdb20xx.gdb the other computers. Follow the next steps. 3. Unzip interbase_server.zip file and run installation setup.exe. 4. You will see this window so click on the button “Next >

5. Click on the button “Next >

6. Click on the button “Yes” on this form.

7. Check box with InterBase Server. The other boxes unchecked – no need to install and then click on the button “Install

8. After finish the installation you will see this window – click “Finish

9. Now you succefully installed InterBase software on your computer. For sure you can check on the control panel of your computer. Click twice on the icon of “InterBase Manager

10. If you can see this picture and expecially the word Running what means that everything is okay (server is running). InterBase is automaticly run with Windows so you don’t need to run manualy everytime.

11. Now we need to know what’s the name of our computer – please click twice on the System on the control panel.

12. Go to tab Název počítače (Computer name) and you will see the name of your computer. You can see also dot so you will never write / copy! Only the name – keep in your mind.

13. Run service database SDB 2008 and click on the tab Tools > Settings > Data. On the computer where will be database for all other computers you need to set up connection like this. Our expample the name of our computer is technik so we choose Shared and to box we will write technik:c:\Program Files\sdb20xx\db\sdb20xx.gdb and click on the button Save. What did we do? We set the way to database.

Attention: You need to use your own data of your computer and the way which you have installed to your PC to database sdb20xx.gdb. If we let local (default) settings we can not use shared database to the others computers.

14. After all steps above we can check if we connect our database right way. Just click on the button Zkontrolovat (Check) – this process can také in few minutes – it depends on your local network. If it’s everything okay then click on the button Uložit (Save).

The database you can connect to the others computers – not only in local network but over internet also – everything must setting your server administrator.

Download this page in PDF

→ If you need any help please feel free to contact us.

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